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East Columbia White Door Phone

Posted by on April 13, 2013 at 1:35 AM

Door phone wholesale curl one's lip laugh loudly, upturned head out of the office, said at the same time. Hope you God does not want a flash in the pan Well! For any wind and proud, Dong Xin Lei always already commonplace, he do not care, said to others. East Columbia incorporated banks, we also have great benefits! Sensitive asked, laughing. What are the benefits? Dong Xin Lei smiled proudly. Loan to buy a house after it becomes convenient! They the people, that they had heard this, he done laugh. This is certainly just a joke, they are considered the backbone of the North freemason senior, the monthly income of ordinary people a hundred times, low annual bonus is prohibitively high, its name in real estate, everyone has several Department. Only, video door bell, once established banks, will represent him thoroughly rooted in the country, will further consolidate forces, will not be easy flight, this is the largest affordable for everyone.

Video Door bell proceed with the establishment of the bank, take away a lot of the text of the East and the North freemason mobile capital, two gang caused no small impact. Said before North freemason did not catch the timing of the attack on the Green Gang, it is not offensive, it has now become afraid to take the initiative to go to war and the Green Gang. Underworld Rush is burning money, more money than anyone else, who burned up, who can burn the last, North freemason can not afford to burn. Also, video door bell hands of a pawn, to make themselves this time will not be too passive, it is seven to help. A few days, video door bell met with Wang Hailong. Wang Hailong in Qixing help the jobs is not high, almost at best, and the old devil in the Golden Triangle, but because both engage in outreach, so appropriate to set the number of decision-making. Earlier, Wang Hailong has accepted the invitation of the Video Door Bell's, agreed to include his arm, so after that meeting between the two incoming and there is not much video door intercom the diaphragm. The two closeted Video Door Bell's residence. Video door bell trying to figure out whether the assassination Wentian killer is not from Sirius to help. He speaks his own doubt, Wang Hailong shook his head. Most likely will not help Sirius. Video Door bell suspected Road. How dare you so sure? Wang Hailong laughed. Because the most recent period, they do not have the opportunity to take over this task.

Video Door Bell asked. Why? Wang Hailong Road. The East Columbia white powder, in Vietnam, seven help has been to snatch originally belonged to Sirius to help the market to double to help the battle never stopped, especially some time ago, Sirius help planning a snatch Seven action to help the white powder , although without success, but killing and wounding the help many brothers, attracted the main fact Bunraku Huang was furious, to help carry out a series of retaliatory attacks for Sirius, Sirius help their own protection problems, which have the energy to send elite to assassinate Namhong door boss. Moreover, the assassination of this great man, put too much, not only requires a large number of the main backbone, but also sent a large number of outstanding intelligence officers reconnaissance. Suanlaisuanqu they do not have the strength! Well! video door bell tapping the forehead, if this is in accordance with Wang Hailong said Sirius to help really no time to be distracted. If Sirius help, who will? Is the Green Gang hands? He thought for video door camera.

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